We make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to make their facility more environmentally friendly. A special machine is used which inhales tubes, crushes the glass and vacuums the phosphor, mercury and other gas through a 3 stage filtration process. The glass is ground & washed and the endcaps are reused. Then the filters are incinerated at a very high temperature.

Fluorescent Lamps

  • Circleline / CFL / Spiral
  • $0.50 ea
  • Circleline, CFL, Spirals
  • $0.55 ea for Non-Customers
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  • Shat-R-Shield
  • $0.50/ft
  • Shat-R-Shield
  • $0.80/ft for Non-Customers
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  • U-Bends
  • $1.00 ea
  • U-Bends
  • $1.50 ea for Non-Customers
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Other Lamps & Ballasts

  • Halogen
  • $0.30 ea
  • Halogen light bulb recycling
  • $0.50 ea for Non-Customers
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  • HID
  • $2.00 ea
  • Mercury Vapour, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium
  • $2.50 ea for Non-Customers
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Recycling Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum cost: $60
  • Pick up service: $40
  • Boxes: $5 ea
  • All lamps must be in a box (not sticking out) this is for the safety of you and our team.
  • Please put a count total on the box, otherwise we will count 20% of the boxes and average the rest.
  • Do not tape the tubes, the glue clogs the machine.
  • Once sent to the recycling facility, any adjustments that occur may be billed after the fact.
  • All pick ups and drop offs must be scheduled, this helps us stay organized and ensures there is someone here to help you.
  • Please ensure all pickups are ready at the loading dock or front entrance.